Hardware and software requirements

To use the educational portions of the Pennsylvania Medical Society website, it is suggested that you have the following hardware and software.

Desktops and laptops:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Mac OSX 10.6 or higher
  • Soundcard and Speakers (some activities include audio)
  • A Cable or DSL internet connection (200 kbps+) is highly recommended for the best experience. A low speed modem connection (56k) can be used, but is not recommended and buffering is to be expected with some multimedia.


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free Download)
  • Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  • Some activities require Adobe Flash Player (Free Download)
  • Some activities require Microsoft Office products like MS Word or MS PowerPoint
  • Your web browser software must be configured to accept cookies

Mobile devices and tablets

  • iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices: OS version 5 or higher
  • Android devices including tablets and phones
  • Windows RT and tablets on Windows 8

IMPORTANT РIf you are planning to view any online course from a place of work, it is HIGHLY recommended that you first check with your IT department and/or Network Administrator to make sure that Р#1. You are allowed access to install programs on your computer and #2. Are allowed access to view online streaming media.