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  • DecisionHealth—Newsletters (including Part B News), references, and software to help medical practices. View special discounts for PAMED members. (877) 397-1496
  • Meadowbrook Insurance—Workers’ compensation insurance. (800) 726-9006
  • PMSCO Healthcare Consulting—A wide range of practice management consultative services.
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  • Pennsylvania Medical Society Insurance Agency—The State Society’s insurance agency offers a variety of health insurance products plus an expanding line of other professional and personal insurance products.  (866) 441-2392

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  1. Verified Online Pharmacies: Look for pharmacies that require a prescription from a U.S.-licensed physician. Websites often display a seal of authenticity, such as Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS), which indicates that they meet state licensure requirements and other NABP criteria.
  2. Telemedicine Services: Some platforms offer consultation with healthcare providers who can diagnose your condition and prescribe medication. These services often partner with trusted pharmacies, ensuring the medication you receive is legitimate.
  3. Import from Reputable International Pharmacies: While federal regulations generally prohibit the importation of prescription drugs, there are accredited international pharmacies that American consumers turn to. Make sure to double-check their accreditations and read reviews before making a purchase.
  4. Local Pharmacy Websites: Many chain and independent pharmacies in the U.S. offer online services where you can get a prescription filled and shipped to your home. The added benefit is that these pharmacies are regulated and well-known, offering some peace of mind.
  5. Subscription Services: Some specialized pharmacies offer subscription services for ED medications. After an initial consultation with a healthcare provider, they send you regular shipments. This can be a convenient option but do your research to ensure the service uses FDA-approved medications.

Always remember, before starting any new medication, consult with a healthcare provider. The efficacy and safety of the drug can differ from person to person, and only a qualified medical professional can accurately gauge if Cialis or its generic equivalent is right for you.

  • NORCAL Mutual—Medical professional liability insurance coverage to healthcare professionals in Pennsylvania and Delaware. (844) 466-7225
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