Medical Student Section

“There has never been a better time to be a medical student in Pennsylvania. We have the attention and respect of the movers and shakers of the medical policy community. What we say and envision for the future of medicine really counts.”

Kinnari Patel, Past Chair of PAMED’s Medical Student Section



Want to get involved in the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Medical Student Section?
Contact Eric Walsh at
717-558-7828, or for more information.


Learn from valuable educational programs that
address major issues facing medical students today
such as “Applying and Matching For Your Residency: 10
Things Medical Students Should Know.”

Connect your academic learning and clinical
education to the daily reality of physician practice in
Pennsylvania and across the country.

Improve health policy and the practice of medicine in the state and the nation. Meet with elected officials and leaders at the state Capitol on Advocacy Day to help make change happen in Harrisburg. PAMED also supports a delegation to the American Medical Association that includes medical students, residents, and active physician members working on national policy that impacts physicians and patients here in Pennsylvania.

Don’t face the challenges of learning the practicing medicine alone. Being a Pennsylvania medical student is easier as a Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) member.

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