Physicians and others in the healing arts aren’t like innovators in the private industry who patent and jealously guard their ideas to maximize profit. They share their innovations so more people can be helped.

The PAMED Better Health Network™ was created to facilitate the sharing of these ideas so that physicians and health care organizations across the state can learn from one another.

To spark innovation sharing, the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) held a contest to collect and share ways physicians are innovating in their practices. Through the contest, we collected more than 50 innovative suggestions, ideas, and comments on how to improve quality.

Stephen Schleicher, MD, was drawn at random as the winner of an Apple iPad2. Dr. Schleicher is one of the state’s leading proponents of teledermatology.

Below are several of the innovations shared thus far.

  • Clinical Care
  • Health Care Teams
  • Patient Communication and Engagement
  • Technology