Understand the Medical Marijuana Debate from a Clinical Perspective (CME)

There are few issues that have garnered as much national attention in recent years as the debate over the legalization of marijuana. Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana, and many other states have laws allowing for the use of medical marijuana.

Pennsylvania state legislators, including Senators Mike Folmer and Daylin Leach, seek to legalize medical marijuana in the state. This makes it more important than ever for physicians to access information related to the pros and cons of marijuana as a therapeutic tool for the practice of medicine. The Pennsylvania Medical Society’s “Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Perspective” webinar, which offers CME, aims to keep physicians informed.

The webinar, presented by Jon Shapiro, MD, medical director of the Physicians’ Health Programs, a program of The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, will help you understand what you need to know about the pros and cons for legalization of medical marijuana, the development and licensing of new pharmaceutical products, and the effects of medical marijuana as it relates to patient treatment plans.

As outlined in the webinar, there are four marijuana regulatory options:

  1. Decriminalization
  2. Legalization of marijuana
  3. DEA reclassification
  4. Legalization of medical marijuana

Find out more about the arguments for and against each option and gain a better familiarity with the potential medical uses—including as an analgesic—for medical marijuana.

PAMED is advocating for further study into the use of medical marijuana, as well as funding for that research. More research on the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana is needed.

We’ll keep our members informed of any legislative developments as they happen. Watch for more updates in the Daily Dose (PAMED’s daily email to members), as well as in PAMED’s other communications channels.