Corbett Announces Medical Marijuana Pilot; PAMED Applauds Research over Legislation

On May 1, 2014, Gov. Tom Corbett announced his decision to allow a research-based pilot of medical marijuana to treat children with severe seizures.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) applauds Gov. Corbett’s decision.

“Our organization is in full support of medical research and believes this is a better route than legislating medical treatment,” said PAMED President Bruce MacLeod, MD, in a recent statement.

“It’s important to have science behind the practice of medicine,” he said. “Research is needed to carefully evaluate potential new medications. Building a body of proven evidence through the scientific process is a must to ensure best medical practices are followed and all is known about potential risks.”

Pennsylvania physicians, as well as other health practitioners, can be found on both sides of the nationwide debate over medical marijuana legalization.

Senate Bill 1182, a bipartisan bill introduced in the state Senate by Sen. Mike Folmer and Sen. Daylin Leach, would legalize marijuana for medical purposes. But, PAMED and many Pennsylvania physicians feel that more research is needed.

Read more, including PAMED’s testimony before the Senate Law and Justice Committee on Jan. 28 in opposition to SB 1182. Listen to the media call-in, hosted by PAMED on Jan. 28, which provides a spectrum of viewpoints from several Pennsylvania physicians on the use of marijuana for medical purposes.