Donna Rovito First Pennsylvanian Honored with Belle Chenault Award


Donna Baver Rovito, immediate past president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society Alliance (PMSA), was recently honored with the prestigious, biannual Belle Chenault Award for her political advocacy efforts. She is the first PMSA member to receive this award.

In nominating Mrs. Rovito for the award, PAMPAC Chair Benjamin Schlechter, MD, wrote, “Donna is clearly recognized as a political and an advocacy leader in the health care community. In the most recent election cycle, she found the time to work locally for her presidential candidate, continue her role as an organizer and fundraiser for her congressional candidate, and continue to highlight and encourage debate on health care issues. She truly does have a continuing record of outstanding accomplishments in political campaign volunteer activities.”

The Belle Chenault Award recognizes physician spouses for their volunteer activities in state or federal political campaigns, and is presented every two years by the Board of Directors of the American Medical Association Political Action Committee.

The award is presented to an AMPAC/AMA Alliance member who has made significant personal contributions of time and talent in assisting friends of medicine in their quest for elective office at the federal and state level.

Both the Pennsylvania Medical Society and the PAMPAC Board congratulate Mrs. Rovito on this outstanding achievement.