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The Pennsylvania Medical Society Alliance (PMSA) participates in programs to educate the public about violence, conflict resolution, organ donation and many others. In addition, PMSA holds several business and social events for members throughout the year.

  Freddie Persic, Anna Kosenko and Kathie Calandra learn how to make chocolate truffles at the Hershey Story Museum’s chocolate lab. The Alliance held its 2012 state educational conference in Hershey, where participants learned how to organize community service projects on a tight budget.


  The Montgomery County Alliance held its spring luncheon in May 2012. Standing from left to right: Muriel Bergnes, Judy Herman, Beth Homa, Maria Paris, Pat Bennett, Tita de la Cruz, Ellen Panaro, Marina Schmidt, and Marion Tamaki. Sitting from left to right: Niki Crits, Anne Vossenberg, Dr. Charlotte Rowland, and Martha Jane Ronan.


At left, from right to left, Donna Baver Rovito installed as the Alliance’s president on October 16, 2011, and former Alliance president Mary Jean Greco.


At left, from left to right, current Alliance president Elaine Alexander poses with
Bette Gray, Jean Greco, and Alliance president-elect Donna Rovito during the
2011 Spring Confluence. Bette and Jean talked about their experiences with
running a free medical clinic. At right, State Rep. Julie Harhart speaks with
members during the Alliance’s Day at the Capitol.

We’d like to hear about your latest county alliance function. Please send a photo and brief summary of your event to In order to post a photo on our website, every person in the photo must sign a photo release form. Send signed photo release forms to Jeff Wirick, 777 E. Park Drive, PO Box 8820, Harrisburg, PA, 17105-8820 or fax it to (717) 558-7841.


Soccer Head Gear, A No Brainer

This campaign informs and educates parents about the availability of protective head gear for soccer and the importance of following up on any head injury or concussion suffered from blows to the head.

Henry the Hand Project

“Henry the Hand” is community service health project in which Alliance volunteers visit preschool classes to teach children about the importance of hand washing. This fun and interactive program uses a foam hand puppet named Henry to discuss how to reduce the spread of germs.

The program, which is endorsed by the American Medical Association, is geared toward children ages 3 to 5 years old. If your county alliance is interested, contact us at

SAVE: Stop America’s Violence Everywhere

The American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA), a national organization of 40,000 physicians’ spouses, began observing SAVE Day in 1995 as a way to foster non-violent styles of coping and behavior. PMSA promotes and supports the various programs that make up the SAVE Campaign and works closely with the AMAA to implement them.

Former Gov. Tom Ridge has congratulated the State Alliance for their collaboration in teaching children the importance of resolving conflicts and avoiding violence.

“Keeping our schools, our neighborhoods, and our children safe from violence is a critically important task, and I applaud the dedication and the hard work that made this community-based effort possible,” said Ridge.

Alliance members participating in the national SAVE Campaign visit schools and playgrounds to distribute activity books, place mats, and puzzles. The SAVE Campaign is just one example of the Alliance’s commitment to reducing and preventing school violence.

Live & Then Give

The Live & Then Give program is a cooperative initiative of the State Medical Society and PMSA to increase the number of donated organs among members and the general public.