Specialty Society Management Services Can Save Your Organization Time and Money

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The Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Specialty Society Management Services (SSMS) Department helps 35 clients alleviate day-to-day headaches such as: complying with new regulations; launching database, social media, and other technology solutions; planning meetings; or developing a long-term vision or strategy.

Less cost and time spent on administrative concerns add up to a better association. Leadership and other key members of SSMS clients spend less time worrying about daily operations. Instead, they have more time to focus on the big picture, such as member value and long-range strategy.

SSMS keeps projects flowing smoothly from inception to implementation and from promotion to delivery because of a complete package of services—executive legal advice, professional meeting management, graphic design, website development, financial services, and technology support.

Our new clients are instantly staffed by a professional team, including an executive director, meeting manager, graphic/web designer, administrative secretary, and accounting staff. Organizations only pay for the actual time each person spends working.

SSMS has been around for more than 50 years and serves many specialty societies and specialty veterinary medicine groups. If you are interested in finding out more, contact Tami Brehm, Executive Director of SSMS, at (717) 909-2580.