Physician 40 Under 40 Award Rules

Award Rules

  1. Must be a Pennsylvania Medical Society member at the time of award nomination.
  2. Must be nominated via an online form via
  3. Must be younger than 40 on December 31 of the award year.
  4. Must be a medical resident, practicing physician (full- or part-time), professor at a Pennsylvania medical school, or an administrative/associate member working in Pennsylvania medicine.
  5. Nominations open during spring for review in summer and award in October at the House of Delegates.
  6. Candidates should stand out from the younger PAMED member leaders as described in #4. They are high achievers. They work to advance medicine and/or their community, either through employment or volunteer work. Candidates should inspire others.
  7. Previous recipients may not be renominated. Once a person is a 40 Under 40 winner, they hold that title for life.
  8. Unsuccessful nominations can be renominated in future years assuming they are still age qualified.
  9. Candidates selected will be notified and will be asked to confirm information listed on nomination form.
  10. Those nominated can be disqualified should supplied information be determined to be false, or if selected candidate does not respond to confirmation (see #9) request.
  11. All entry forms, information supplied, and confirmation responses become property of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

Nomination Process
A nomination process will allow any Pennsylvania Medical Society member to nominate an early career physician under the age of 40 per award rules. Nominations will be collected online.  Information to be collected will include name of physician, age, email address and mailing address of physician, photo (portrait-style preferred), and completion of a series of questions on why they should be honored which will be used on-line and in marketing material if they are honored.

To be selected by a subgroup of the Pennsylvania Medical Society Awards Committee including the YPS Trustee, the Resident/Fellow Section Trustee and the President-Elect.  The staff liaison of the YPS will provide staff support to the Award Committee subgroup.

Presentation of Awards
To be coordinated at local meetings to encourage young physicians to attend and participate. Awards presented to recipients by members of Pennsylvania Medical Society Board of Trustees. Recipients will also be invited to the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Annual House of Delegates meeting held in October.

1. Plaque presentation.
2. Photo of presentation to local newspaper.
3. House of Delegates banner to recognize recipients.

Nomination Form

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