Ability to Sign Death Certificates Electronically Is Coming

The Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Vital Records, has announced that it will expand their Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) beyond the pilot participants beginning in November 2015. EDRS is a web-based application that links death certifying officials (coroners, hospitals, hospices, and long-term care facilities), local registrars, funeral directors, and the Department of Health.


  • Enables the entire death certification process to be performed electronically
  • No cost to use EDRS, take the training, or access training/user manuals
  • Saves time, money and frustration — no more running back to the office to sign paperwork
  • Electronic validation processes reduce data-related errors, saving time (and amendments)
  • Accurately and efficiently collects and reports critical cause of death information to the CDC/National Center for Health Statistics
  • Supports the National Vital Statistics System goal of near real-time surveillance to improve public health preparedness

Visit the EDRS Portal to learn more about EDRS.