Your Child’s Caregivers Can Give Medical Authorization with Consent Card

Our quick and easy medical consent card allows you to give a grandparent or other caregiver the authority to sign off on emergency medical treatment for your child.

Download the medical consent card here.



Just print out the card, fill it in, and give it to your child’s caregiver.

This will allow them to make medical decisions in an emergency, such as if a child is seriously hurt in a bike accident or suffers a severe allergic reaction and parents can’t be reached immediately.

On the consent card, you can list emergency contacts and the child’s vital data, including allergies, medications, blood type, and medical conditions.

“Instant access to that information helps emergency department physicians to know right away what medications can or can’t be administered,” says William W. Lander, MD, a family physician in Bryn Mawr and past president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

Keep in mind that, even if consent can’t be obtained, physicians will never delay treatment if a child’s life is at stake, Dr. Lander says.

“In a case like that, a doctor’s first responsibility is to the child’s health and safety. Medical treatment would begin immediately,” he says.

“The medical consent card can ease the minds of parents and possibly speed up a child’s emergency treatment,” he adds.

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