PennDOT Permitting Select Facilities to Issue Temporary Parking Placards

Under a new PennDOT program, hospitals, medical specialist centers, and physician therapy centers can now issue temporary parking placards for patients before they leave the facility.  There is no cost to facilities to participate in this voluntary program.

Due to the limited quantities of the placards, PennDOT is only planning to accept 15 health care facilities at this time. Consideration will be made for large specialty practices, hospitals, and physical therapy centers.

Qualifying facilities must complete PennDOT’s application form for the program, which asks them to agree to:

  • Have a locked or secured area to store unused parking placards
  • Have a scanner to send the completed applications to PennDOT within 24 hours after issuing one to a patient
  • Schedule a site visit to determine compliance with program requirements
  • Maintain and report inventory of placards to PennDOT on a monthly basis

Physicians can find more information and a printable booklet with instructions for signing up for the program on the PennDOT website.