Pennsylvania Specialists Work Toward Better Prostate Cancer Prevention

Prostate cancer prevention, especially for older men, is the topic of this month’s article released by the Pennsylvania Health News Service Project (PHNS). Physicians are encouraged to copy and distribute these articles to their patients as they feel appropriate.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) and 18 Pennsylvania-based medical and specialty associations and societies collaborate in the PHNS to identify health issues of concern to physicians and provide basic information for their patients.

In the most recent PHNS article, “Grandpop and Prostate Cancer in Pennsylvania ,” several medical specialists outline the latest statistics and discuss the need for prostate cancer awareness and screening.

“We want to send a message this Grandparents Day to all grandfathers and older men,” said PAMED president Bruce MacLeod, MD.

According to Scott Owens, MD, a urologist in Camp Hill who helped form the Pennsylvania Prostate Cancer Coalition, a rally will be held at the state capitol on September 16 to support public policy calling for the formation of a Prostate Cancer Task Force to study the impact of prostate cancer in Pennsylvania as well identifying the gaps and needs in men’s health literacy. He anticipates a bill being introduced this fall to form the task force. Dr. Owens’ group also has an innovative campaign that is helping raise awareness called “Don’t Fear the Finger.”

“We want this campaign to destigmatize the discussion of prostate cancer screening and treatment,” Dr. Owens says. “It also educates men on the risk factors of prostate cancer and clarifies screening recommendations based on physician and urological input.”

For more information on the PHNS, contact Chuck Moran at or call (717) 558-7820, or via Twitter @ChuckMoran7.