HealthChoices Website to Help Providers and the Public Understand Medicaid Expansion

Pennsylvania physicians may get questions from their patients, or have questions themselves, on the state’s plan to expand Medicaid. Where can you turn for answers, and where can you direct your patients for more information and resources?

On the HealthChoices website, you’ll find:

  • Provider information, including the Private Coverage Option(PCO) Contact Number Quick Reference Guide, Medical Assistance Providers Quick Reference Guide, and the Managed Care Organization Directory
  • FAQs
  • Information on who qualifies and how to apply online, by phone, by mail, or in person
  • Consumer resources, such as the Medical Assistance Quick Reference Guide
  • Supporting documents, including the PA Withdrawal of Low Risk State Plan Amendment (SPA) and the Intent of PA Withdrawal of 1115 Waiver
  • More about the HealthChoices transition, including a timeline

The information on the HealthChoices website will be continuously updated, so checking it often will help keep everyone up to date.

Members who have questions can contact the Pennsylvania Medical Society at (717) DOC-HELP, that’s (717) 362-4357.