New Medical Home Standards Focus on Team-Based Care

The National Committee for Quality Assurance recently previewed their new patient-centered medical home (PCMH) standards. These new standards, which will launch on March 24, 2014, place an increased emphasis on team-based care, highlighting specific roles and responsibilities for care team members and including the patient as part of the care team.

The 2014 standards align with the triple aim—cost, quality, and patient experience. They also focus on care management of high-need populations, integration of behavioral health, and sustaining practice transformation.

A publication that includes the requirements to meet the new standards, as well as explanations and examples, is available at no cost. Order the publication.

If you use PCMH standards, the NCQA is holding a webinar on April 23, from 2-3 PM EST. The webinar will cover how 2014 standards differ from 2011 standards, examples of how these updates can positively impact the delivery of care for both patients and provides, and how practices that meet the highest NCQA requirements are better positioned to qualify for Stage 2 meaningful use.

“I think most physicians will find, as they move toward medical homes, that the NCQA’s updates to their recognition program will continue to help define the key characteristics of a PCMH,” said Gus Geraci, MD, PAMED’s chief medical officer.

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