Innovating in Pennsylvania: What Some Organizations Are Doing to Stand Out

“In a health care landscape where nothing stays in one place for long, innovation is the order of the day,” said a recent FierceHealthcare article that took a closer look at five health care innovation centers, including two in Pennsylvania, and how they’re “changing the game for health care innovation.”

Its article – “5 health care innovation centers to watch” – featured the Penn Medical Center and Thomas Jefferson University.

Penn Medical Center, University of Pennsylvania Health System

Penn Medicine Center promotes innovation in several ways:

  • An innovation competition through its Innovation Accelerator Program, which offers mentoring and funding. The Innovation Accelerator Program (formerly the Innovation Grant Program) was designed to support thought leaders from across the University of Pennsylvania Health System in its efforts to develop, test, and implement new approaches to dramatically improve health care delivery and patient outcomes.
  • Social Media and Health Innovation Lab — Conducts and disseminates multidisciplinary research at the intersection of social media, mobile technology, and health, exploring how new communication channels can enhance the ability to understand and improve individual and population health behaviors and outcomes.
  • Hosts a regularly-updated blog that features news about the Center’s work as well as longer posts covering topics such as the use of design to simplify health care delivery and the state of innovation within health care delivery in general.

Thomas Jefferson University

Health care innovation is also happening at Thomas Jefferson University through:

  • The Jefferson Accelerator Zone (JAZ), which hosts various events and programs that promote innovation within the university. The JAZ also offers a fall speaker series and events such as the Independence/Jefferson Health Hackathon, in which participants from sectors that might not otherwise interact, such as programmers and triage nurses, collaborate to find innovative health care solutions.
  • Stephen Klasko, MD, university president and CEO, runs an innovation-themed blog that addresses both the university’s work on innovation and innovation within health care and industry at large.

These are just a few examples. Learn about more innovative developments to improve physician practice that are going on right here in Pennsylvania in the summer issue of Pennsylvania Physician, the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s quarterly magazine.