Practice Guidelines for PAs and CRNPs Aim to Help Physicians Build Team-Based Care

As the focus on team-based care grows and evolves, physicians need to hone their skills to interact effectively with limited license practitioners such as physician assistants (PAs) and certified registered nurse practitioners (CRNPs).

Physicians may have questions such as, how do the new PA countersignature laws affect current processes and procedures; what is the role of the supervising or collaborating physician; and what are the liability insurance requirements?

Practice Guidelines for PAs and CRNPs is a resource to help physician practices understand licensure, scope of practice, reimbursement rules, and guidelines for these limited license practitioners. Members of the Pennsylvania Medical Society can download a PDF.

Nonmembers can order the publication for $39.95.

Members who want more information on the new PA countersignature laws also have access to a regulatory update, written by PAMED’s in house regulatory expert.