Physician Contract Review Service

The Pennsylvania Medical Society is pleased to offer a comprehensive group of services to assist physicians and medical practices with both their employment contracts. Our goal is to help you understand your contract so you can concentrate on what is really important: taking care of patients.

The Physician Contract Review Service has the resources to help you avoid major contracting mistakes that could haunt you for years. When you submit a contract to Physician Contract Review Service you get a detailed review and suggestions from an experienced health care attorney.

Employment Contracts — Legal Review
Employed physicians find our service quick and helpful—and our prices far below many lawyers’ fees. Attorneys review and comment on the language and terms of the contract including grounds for termination, non-compete clause, on-call requirements, and benefits.

Physician Employment Contract —  Financial Review
When the time comes to negotiate a new employment contract, whether it is with a new employer or a renewal with your current employer, how do you know if you are getting a fair deal? PMSCO Healthcare Consulting, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, can help you analyze the compensation related aspects of your contract proposal, provide an objective look, and offer suggestions to assist you with negotiations.

Every employment contract is different and this service is designed to consider the nuances specific to your compensation arrangement. Your total compensation package, including elements such as base salary, productivity requirements and bonuses, administrative stipends, and on-call compensation, are analyzed and compared against benchmarks. When possible, alternative options are provided to assist you in the negotiation process.

Note: Benefits are excluded from this analysis.

Want to learn more about the service? See our service listing and pricing information below. Additional information is available through the physician contracting FAQs.

Download and print a review order form or, for more information about the Physician Contract Review Service, phone 855-PAMED4U (855) 726-3348. All inquiries will be kept in strictest confidence.

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*The Medical Society does not render legal services or provide legal advice.  Your attorney-client relationship will be solely with the participating attorney who provides your contract review. The Medical Society is not responsible for the legal services provided by the attorney.