Help Patients Track Prescriptions with PAMED’s Medical History Wallet Cards


The Pennsylvania Medical Society’s (PAMED) popular Medical History Wallet Cards have been updated with a new look and extra features.

Let’s face it—some patients are more comfortable with paper and pencil than with smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. PAMED’s Medical History Wallet Cards can bridge the gap and help physicians when you’re having discussions with patients about medications, surgeries, and conditions.

The cards can be expanded accordion style, and they include a clear plastic sleeve for protection from wear and tear. Patients can use the cards to:

Track up to a dozen prescriptions

  • Note preferred pharmacy details
  • List up to three health care providers so that a primary care physician and some specialists can be included
  • List major surgeries and conditions
  • State organ donation preference

PAMED members can order cards in bundles of 100, 250, or 500 and distribute them to patients as needed. The cards are free for members. Please note that a shipping and handling fee will be added and will be displayed when you add the cards to your shopping cart. Learn more and order.