Got Burnout? New CME Can Help

In a recent survey of Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) members, 82 percent said that either they or a physician colleague had experienced burnout during their career.

Consider these statistics:

  • 1 in 3 physicians suffer from burnout on any given day
  • Health care worker fatigue is cited as a contributing factor in over 1,600 events reported to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority between June 2004 and August 2013, with 37 reported as harmful events, including four patient deaths
  • Researchers surveyed 7,288 physicians nationwide and found that 45.8 percent experienced at least one symptom of serious burnout (emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, or low sense of personal accomplishment)

“The traditional physician’s white coat is not a super-cape that protects physicians from conditions that affect us all, including burnout,” said Heather Wilson, executive director of The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society. “It is critical that those who give so much of themselves to care for others have an awareness of the signs of burnout and take the steps to get help as early as possible.”

Tools You Can Use:

In a webinar developed by PAMED in collaboration with the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, physicians will learn to:

  • Define physician burnout
  • Increase recognition of the symptoms of burnout
  • Identify coping strategies
  • Increase awareness of possible intervention approaches and resources

The webinar, which is approved for CME, is presented by Heather Wilson.

This webinar is part of PAMED’s Life of Medicine education series, designed to help Pennsylvania physicians with the challenges of their life as a physician.

In the latest issue of Managing Risk, physicians will learn to:

  • Recognize the signs of physician burnout, such as changes in sleep or eating patterns, increased irritability, difficulty concentrating, or somatization
  • Apply strategies to reduce stressors if experiencing symptoms of stress and burnout
  • Promote policies and strategies that foster physician wellness in practices and medical facilities

The Foundation’s Physicians Health Program (PHP) assists physicians, physician assistants, and dental professionals in Pennsylvania with confidential, reliable monitoring services for individuals who may be experiencing addiction, physical or mental challenges, or work-related stress.