Got Names? Reach Out to Legislators You Know Personally

Are you friends with a state legislator or a member of Congress from Pennsylvania? Are you willing to reach out and request that he or she vote for or against legislation of importance to you and your patients?

Through the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s (PAMED) “Got Names” campaign, we are asking for physicians to provide us with the names of state or federal legislators with whom they have personal relationships. Then, when action is needed on a particular issue, we’ll ask you to contact the legislator(s) you know and ask for their support.

We encourage you to meet occasionally with your friends in the legislature to discuss your concerns, or even invite them to visit your practice to raise their awareness about the issues facing your profession. PAMED will provide talking points for these visits.

By joining our advocacy team, you also will be subscribed to Capitol Insight, PAMED’s monthly e-newsletter that provides members with updates on political, legislative, and regulatory issues in both Harrisburg and Washington.

If you have any questions, please contact Larry Light, vice president of political affairs at PAMED.