PAMED Leaders Meet with Governor on Physician-led Care

On Aug. 5, 2014, several physician leaders — Karen Rizzo, MD, president-elect of the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED); John Pagan, MD, PAMED board chair, and David Talenti, MD, PAMED board vice chair — met with Governor Corbett and his senior staff in Harrisburg to express concern about a pending Department of Health ruling that could diminish the role of physicians on hospital medical staffs. While acknowledging the vital role nurses play in acute care settings, PAMED leaders stressed that clinical decisions made by hospital medical staffs must remain in the hands of those most qualified – physicians.

Fully engaged on the issue, Gov. Corbett expressed an appreciation of the complexity of medical staff decisions, especially as they relate to acutely ill patients. PAMED leaders used their time with Governor Corbett to also share some of the specific issues regarding team-based care and the importance of fully embracing that model as healthcare delivery continues to evolve.

PAMED will be providing the Governor’s senior staff with follow-up suggestions as to how non-physicians can continue to provide valuable insight to hospital medical staffs.

With millions of Pennsylvanians gaining health insurance as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) goes into effect, PAMED leaders reiterated to the Governor the importance of patient care continuing to be team-based and physician-led.

PAMED and its physician leaders recognize the value of every member of the health care team, and are advocating for measures that will help keep Pennsylvania’s health care teams strong, physician-led, and patient-centered.