More about PAMPAC

What does PAMPAC do?

PAMPAC uses member contributions to support the election and retention of pro-medicine candidates. PAMPAC also campaigns against vulnerable incumbent legislators who consistently vote against the interests of patients and physicians. For example, PAMPAC:

  • Played a pivotal role in state legislative races for both the PA House and the State Senate.  With a focus on supporting candidates who are pro lawsuit abuse reform, strong on protecting patient safety in scope of practice issues and willing to fight for a level playing field with health insurers, the political voice of physicians has been heard loud and clear
  • Broadened its candidate support program in to include judicial candidates seeking  statewide appellate court vacancies in races for the Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Courts.
  • Met and interviewed top level candidates from both parties vying for statewide offices at the highest level.  Candidates for governor, US Senate, attorney general and the US Congress have acknowledged the importance of meeting with the physician leaders of PAMPAC.

Through PAMPAC, you can have a highly visible impact on the election process and help shape the future of reforms such as medical liability, patients’ rights legislation, and insurance contract reform.

Who can join PAMPAC?

Any member of the Pennsylvania Medical Society or its Alliance is eligible for membership. Family members and medical society staff are also eligible.

How do I join PAMPAC?
Physicians interested in joining PAMPAC have a choice of the following membership levels:

  • Commonwealth Club—$1,000
  • Capitol Club—$500
  • Keystone Club—$300
  • Sustainer Level—$200

PAMPAC also offers membership for physician spouses, residents, and medical students at the following levels:

  • Alliance (physician spouse)—$75
  • Physician Resident or Fellow—$20
  • Medical Student—$20
  • Student/Resident/Fellow Commonwealth Club—$100
  • Student/Resident/Fellow Capitol Club—$50
  • Student/Resident/Fellow Keystone Club—$30
  • Student/Resident/Fellow Sustainer Level—$20

NOTE: Contributions to PAMPAC are not limited to these membership levels.

Join PAMPAC today.

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact Larry Light, PAMPAC executive director, at (800) 228-7823, ext. 7821, or

777 East Park Drive
PO Box 8820
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8820