PAMPAC Vision and Mission

PAMPAC’s Mission Statement:

PAMPAC through its political and educational endeavors strengthens the voice of physicians in the political arena.

PAMPAC’s Vision Statement:

PAMPAC members actively participate in the political process in support of pro-physician candidates for elective office.

PAMPAC disseminates unbiased information on current political issues and candidates for elective office and conducts other political activities of an informative and impartial nature.

PAMPAC participates actively in election campaigns of pro-physician candidates by soliciting money for political purposes, making contributions to and expenditures on behalf of candidates for nomination or election to public office, and any other election activities permitted by law and regulation.

PAMPAC assists physicians and Alliance members in organizing themselves for more effective political action.

PAMPAC is recognized in the political arena as the representative for all physicians, regardless of specialty or stage in career.