Pa. Physician Leaders Will Visit Washington, D.C. to Meet with Legislators, Discuss Health Care Policy

Nearly 30 PAMED physician leaders will travel from across the Commonwealth to participate in the AMA’s National Advocacy Conference (NAC). The NAC is scheduled for Feb. 22-24 in Washington, D.C.

Held annually, the NAC offers physicians a program of prominent speakers on both current political issues as well as health care policy issues that are trending nationally.  Chuck Todd, NBC News political director and former UN Ambassador Ken Adelman are among the scheduled speakers.

The Pennsylvania physicians and PAMED executive and policy staff will also host a Capitol Hill reception for members of the Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation on Feb. 24.  This will afford the PAMED physician leaders the opportunity to continue the development of important relationships with their member of Congress.  Many physicians will also meet with the congressman from their district during the “hill visit” segment in the program scheduled for Feb. 23.

Scott Shapiro, MD, FACC, FCPP, PAMED President, Charles Cutler, MD, PAMED President-Elect and David Talenti, MD, PAMED Board Chair, will be joined by John Wright, MD, PAMPAC Chair, and members of the PAMPAC Board during the three-day conference.