What Will You Do in Retirement to Stay Engaged? See How Pennsylvania Physicians Still Make a Difference

Physicians are driven people. But time to pursue in other passions can be limited when you’re building a career, raising a family, and seeing a full load of patients.

In a new series for its quarterly magazine, Pennsylvania Physician, the Pennsylvania Medical Society tells you what its talented physician members do after retiring to stay engaged. Some doctors travel to far-flung places of the world to serve, some help in their communities, and some focus on their families.

Email us at paphysician@pamedsoc.org and your story or a story of one of your colleagues could be featured in a future edition.

In the summer issue of Pennsylvania Physician, we hear from Ferdinand Soisson, MD, a retired obstetric gynecological surgeon who donates his time to the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society and to another surprising pastime. Read more in the online version of Pennsylvania Physician.