Mentors Needed in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Pediatrics

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) currently has mentees who would love to be paired up with internal medicine physicians and subspecialists in cardiology, gastroenterology, or oncology. We also have a need for someone who is willing to serve as a mentor in pediatrics. If you are in one of these specialties and are interested in being a mentor, signing up is easy.

  1. Complete an online profile
  2. Return the mentoring agreement
  3. Watch PAMED’s training video

Students, residents and young physicians often feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the realities of medicine. From increasing regulations to balancing their work and personal lives, physicians and future physicians face many challenges. But they don’t have to face it alone. Oftentimes, talking with an experienced physician can help them find solutions to navigating this complex world. PAMED created the Match-a-Member Mentoring Program for this very reason. The program matches young physicians seeking mentorship with physicians willing to provide guidance.

PAMED recently spoke with Kristen Sandel, MD, an emergency physician from Reading, who signed up to be a mentor in the program. She answers questions regarding the sign-up process, her previous experience as a mentee, and her reasons for joining PAMED’s Match-a-Member Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Matters! Mentors serve as role models, provide a safe haven to work through challenges or evaluate new opportunities, and strive to help mentees grow personally and professionally. Mentoring can be a pathway to engage colleagues, cultivate future physician leaders, or shape effective health care teams. Mentees benefit from the shared knowledge and experiences of others who have been in similar situations or faced comparable choices. Mentors benefit as well through enhanced performance and communication skills. Learn More

If you have questions about PAMED’s Match-a-Member Mentoring Program or want more details on how you can make a difference, contact Leslie Howell at or (717) 909-2624.