Henry Lin

Dr. Lin’s workplace and community:

You can find the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in the center of a busy, bustling city—traffic, skyscrapers, and a rush of people hurrying through the day. Step inside, though, and you enter a different world. Inside the lobby, you’ll find bright, cheerful colors, a radio station manned by kids, and groups of families and supporters—in some cases, wearing matching t-shirts with messages of hope.

This past July, PAMED had a chance to stroll through the hospital’s rooftop garden, the Sea Garden at the Seashore House. The space was filled with hanging flower baskets and planters with tomatoes and other vegetables. It’s just one example of what CHOP does to bring a sense of normalcy and community to patients’ lives.

Thoughts on work/life balance:

Dr. Lin’s advice when it comes to work/life balance? He talked about the importance of setting priorities and developing a good support system. He suggests trying to schedule time every week just for yourself—a few new interests he’s developed include ultimate frisbee and cooking (or, as he calls it, self-deprecatingly, “attempting to cook.”)

Dr. Lin tries not to take work home with him when at all possible, but acknowledges that this may not be possible for every physician. Each individual needs to find the strategy that works best for them and their family.

His hopes for the future of medicine:

On a general level, he is looking for balance. Dr. Lin wants to see the health care system help patients learn how to become better advocates for themselves, with physicians offering guidance.