Marijka Grey

Dr. Grey’s workplace and community:

We met with Dr. Grey at Gettysburg Adult Medicine just a day after the annual Battle of Gettysburg commemorations had ended. The town had returned to its usual quiet, sleepy self after all the activity of the weekend.

She expressed justifiable pride in the fact that the practice is certified as a Level III patient-centered medical home. That’s the highest level of certification there is, and it indicates that a practice demonstrates exceptional performance.

When PAMED first met with Dr. Grey, she was holding a leadership role as WellSpan Health’s Associate Medical Director for Quality and Innovation. She’s since assumed additional leadership responsibilities as part of WellSpan’s administrative team and is now Regional Medical Director for her health care organization.

What inspired Dr. Grey to become a physician:

Dr. Grey loves science, but she was also looking for the person-to-person interaction that a career in medicine provides. And, she says that being a physician also gives her the chance for continuous learning. There’s always something new to learn and another challenge just around the corner.

Her thoughts on the importance of primary care:

“Your health starts with your primary care doctor,” Dr. Grey says. She also understands the importance of working with physicians from all specialties. Physicians of every specialty share one common goal: a patient’s health.