Timothy Welby

Dr. Welby’s workplace and community:

Dr. Welby’s Dickson City pediatric practice is located in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre metropolitan area, nestled in the Pocono Mountains. One thing is for certain—Dr. Welby loves his community! He’s a longtime member of the Lackawanna County Board of Directors, including time served as president.

He acknowledges the fact that there are challenges to practicing medicine in Pennsylvania—medical liability issues, for example. There are also great opportunities for physicians in the state, however, and he’s very hopeful about Pennsylvania’s health care future.

What he tells students about the profession:

He serves on the clinical faculty of the Commonwealth Medical College. It’s a medical school with a community-based focus. “Medicine is a career—you need to love it,” he says when asked about the advice he gives medical students.

Dr. Welby is enthusiastic about his involvement with Commonwealth Medical College and welcomes the opportunity to interact with the next generation of physicians. He’d like to make certain that we find ways to make Pennsylvania an attractive option for physicians just starting out.

His hopes for the future of medicine:

As a pediatrician, he views the issue from the vantage point of his specialty. Children need good health care in order to set them on the path of healthy living that will carry over into their adult years. He hopes for good access to health care for children and for all patients.