PAMED Physicians among Those Recognized by the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Physicians

Nine Pennsylvania physicians were honored at the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Physicians (PA-ACP) annual awards dinner on Dec. 6, 2014, according to a Dec. 10 press release issued by PA-ACP.

Among the nine honorees were several Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) members. The Laureate Award winners, the ACP’s highest honor, included Linda Thomas-Hemak, MD, FACP, of Scranton and Darilyn Moyer, MD, FACP, of Lafayette Hill. Dr. Thomas-Hemak is CEO and President of the Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education, a community-based non-profit organization, and recently spoke to PAMED about her organization’s receipt of a federal grant to train medical residents in primary care programs.

Other PAMED members receiving awards were Jennifer McComb, MD, MPH, FACP, of Ross Township, one of the recipients of the Clinical Practice Award; Ed Ruby, MD, FACP, FACE, of Philadelphia, recipient of the Waxman Award for Outstanding Medical Student Educator; and medical resident Ziad Dimachkie, MD, of Philadelphia, recipient of a Special Recognition Award.

PAMED would like to extend our congratulations to those physicians who were recognized for their service in medicine by PA-ACP.

Award recipient Dr. Linda Thomas-Hemak with Dr. Daniel Kimball, Jr., Gov. for the Eastern Region

Award recipient Dr. Jennifer McComb and Dr. Alan Yeasted, Gov. for PAW Region


“There are never enough occasions or awards to properly recognize the tremendous progress made by internal medicine doctors to their fields, their students, and their communities,” said Daniel B. Kimball, Jr., MD, FACP, Pennsylvania Chapter, Eastern Region Governor for PA-ACP and longtime member of PAMED.

Learn more about the awards and all winners here.

The PA-ACP represents almost 7,400 physicians in the state practicing general internal medicine and related subspecialties.

Looking to recognize a physician or organization in your community? Visit PAMED’s awards page to learn more about the nomination process for the following PAMED 2015 awards: Physician Award for Community Voluntary Service, Distinguished Service Award, and Grant for Healthy Living in Ethnic Communities. Nominations are being accepted until Apr. 2, 2015.