Will Your Coding Patterns Trigger an Audit? Try This FREE Tool!

Oftentimes, the last person who knows your practice has a coding problem is you. The auditors from the payers and the government will find out first. And when they do, the results are not pleasant.

Whether you want to avoid an audit or make sure you’re getting every penny of appropriate reimbursement, a baseline coding audit by PMSCO Healthcare Consulting (PMSCO) offers a great return on your investment. It also meets the requirements as written by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), which include a baseline audit as part of your Fraud & Abuse Compliance Plan.

Use PMSCO’s free coding benchmark tool to compare your practice and/or individual physician data with Medicare statistics. Your results, displayed in a colorful bell curve graph, will show you areas where you might be losing revenue or are at risk for being targeted for an audit.